1.4 [Action] "Crossing the Fence"

Today's reading presents a challenge. Crossing a boundary to get to know someone on your street, in your neighborhood, or where you get coffee. The idea here is that we become intentional about being present to others around us. We pause from our busy lives to be open to opportunities right in front of us. This may happen for you at work. Perhaps when you take your kids to the park. Or maybe even taking the extra time to tell your waiter or waitress that you're thankful for their service. Let me be honest - this can be kind of awkard. It's not really what we're used to. Here's what I'm planning this week. First, instead of writing my sermon in my office, I'm going to try to prepare for Sunday at Dunkin' Donuts. The place is small enough that sometimes conversations start. Second, I'm going to attend a yoga class on Tuesday morning. Yes, I know that's really wierd. But this is completley out of my context and makes me feel uncomfortable. I'm looking forward to seeing you all Sunday to discuss how things have been going.

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  1. I'm wondering if this section is asking us to do 3 things this week, not just one?

    Cross the fence: we need to do something that will bless a neighbor on our street. We know most of our neighbors :)

    Cross your street: we don't know the people who live behind us, and I know there's an older lady who lives next to the Junks who we haven't met...

    Cross social, political, or ethnic barrier: It says to bring someone else with you from your missional community (meaning our Y.A.G.) Anyone want to join us for Yoga Tuesday 9:15am?