1.5 [Community]

This evening at 6:00 we meet at Bethlehem, as we normally do on Sundays, to debrief a bit on what we've learned so far. We'll be taking a look at Luke 15, where we see in three parables how Jesus went out to seek what was lost. See you there.


  1. Hey peeps,

    Sorry we missed study last night. Hope it went well. Can't wait to hear what was discussed. Maybe Vicar can post a summary for those of us that were unable to attend.

    Personally I was surrounded by and met a lot of new people this weekend at the Never Quit Beach Festival where I was doing some photography. I was glad to see the pastor from Beaches United lead the thousands present in prayer before the start of the 5k run. The Navy was also present and did an air show at the beginning. I think positive vibes are contagious and were felt throughout the crowd.


  2. At our study we shared some of the blessings and challeges of the study so far. On common challenge that came up was that it's difficult to be outgoing or get out of our comfort zone, but one blessing related to that is that we've come to know that we all share the same problem, whereas before we may have thought that only we as individuals struggled with living missionally.
    Most of our study focused on Luke 15. We first looked at the parables of the lost sheep and the lost coin. Something is lost, and someone goes after what was lost. We asked the question, "What excuses might the shepherd or the woman make to avoid looking for what was lost?" Some of the answers we came up with included too much time, not worth the effort, the safety and preservation of what was already safe and found, and the fault of that which was lost (in other words, the sheep shouldn't have been so stupid and wander off...). We then looked at the excuses we make for going, which are often the same.
    We then looked at what motivated the shepherd and the woman to search. This included the value of what was lost, and in our case, the fact that we were lost and are now found. We closed by making a list of those in our lives that are "lost." We prayed for these people, and will continue to pray for them during the rest of the 8 weeks.