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Hey Everyone!

I've been wanting to have a site for our group for a long time, but since I'm kind of technologically challenged and lack the patience to put together a blog, it's taken a long time. However, thanks to Kendra, we've got our new blog up and running. Our blog will serve as a source for information, events, pictures of events, as well as thoughts about our shared faith in our Lord Jesus. This week I will be catching everything up to speed by posting pictures from our past events. Starting this Wednesday, May 18th, I will be offering some daily reflections on our new study titled "The Tangible Kingdom," which focuses on our community together as the people of God, gathered together around the teaching of the apostles, fellowship, the breaking of the bread, and prayer (Acts 2:42). I invite you all to follow along and contribute your thoughts, experiences, and insights as we take this 8 week journey together!


Vicar John

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  1. those 1st day questions really have to dig down and stir up old uncomfortable feelings in order to answer them honestly, for thay is.