1.6 [Calibration] "What is Missional?"

Today's reading talks about the adjustments we make in our lives when we realize that we are sent. One of those adjustments consists in making time spent with those on the outside a priority. This priority, which consists in being present, cultivating a relationship of trust, and responding to needs, may even take priority over the time we spend at church (I'm not talking about worship, of course, but church activities). The reason is that being with those who don't know Christ is better than waiting for them to come to us. Back in St. Louis, one of the tax preparation companies advertises by dressing up their poor employees in statue of liberty costumes. During tax season it's common to see them out on the street, waving everyone in. Here in Jacksonville we have the equivalent with the "Cash for Gold!" guy that stands out on Beach Blvd. A friend of mine in St. Louis commented once that the church's evangelism techniques often follow this model. We develop a program or an event and try to wave people in off the streets. This is helpful sometimes, but will never reach a large part of our local community. Like the guys on the side of the road waving signs, nonbelievers sense that we too are trying to "sell something." There is no substitute for going. That one word "go" makes all the difference. And like we talked about last night, we are all sent (our families, jobs, neighbors, etc.). One of the questions that stands out to me in our reflection section is "What activities or hobbies do you love that you could invite them to share with you?" In other words, instead of creating a "Christian biking group" with people that think and act like you, why not go out and join a normal biking group in your community?

Prayer: Holy Spirit, thank you that where ever I go, you go. I am never alone. Open my eyes to see those opportunities that you have given me. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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